Welfare on board

Marinemax boats

Life on board of Marinemax boats can be very comfortable and pleasant, for this you have to be very well trained and share the tasks, you have to do your best to collaborate in everything, if you have good company it will not be difficult, a good organization in a reduced space is fundamental.  

Know how to take advantage of the space to have your belongings well placed and also the necessary elements for the boat. With respect to the garbage you must have them stored in some place that is not visible and, of course very well closed the bags to avoid bad odors. 

Very important care with the bathrooms, no throwing paper, pads or tampax, remember that the wet wipes used for babies either, this is a golden rule in a boat, so you can avoid very serious problems that are very expensive to fix, if you put special care in all these things will make your stay much more satisfactory and comfortable.

About anchoring

When we anchor the boat you have to use as much as possible the keys to respect the environment, it is very important to anchor responsibly. The abundance of pleasure boats, together with the scarcity of anchorage places and the sensitivity of some seabeds make us have to take measures on board.

You should get information about the anchorage area, seek protection from wind and sea, and make sure you have the right bottom. Preferably choose a sandy area that you can easily locate because of its lighter color, that’s where you have to drop the anchor, this can be ecological, will cause less damage to the bottom.

Use an anchor winch to lift the anchor by pulling it out, so as not to plough the bottom and break roots. Its vertical pull minimizes the impact when lifting it, and also allows us to see the situation of the anchor, for us and for others.

It is important that we respect the seabed if we want to continue enjoying the possibility of anchoring in idyllic places.We must understand that it is essential to care for and protect the environment in which we intend to navigate with Marinemax boats, bathe, dive or fish.

Light up the sea

Are you going to spend the night anchored in your favorite place? If the boat is yours it is a good idea to have the Leds submersible lights installed, some of them stand out for their simple installation without making big holes.

The sea water illuminated at night is a frame of undeniable attraction, will bring a very special touch of style to your evenings. You will be able to take a good bath with much more confidence and tranquility.

Signs of another boat in danger

You must always come to their aid, but never put your safety at risk.

By means of the VHF channel you have to contact with maritime rescue, also with boats that are in the vicinity. 

The request for help with the cell phone may not be successful, the cell phone has the inconvenience that it is of limited range, so it may not be of much use to you, if you use the VHF the systems can locate the boat automatically and accurately. You should also apply this to yourself if you have any problems with your boat.

We hope that these tips will be helpful when sailing on Marinemax boats or any other boat company.